What Attracts Bee Around Your Home?

In Australia, the bee swarming season lasts from mid-March until springtime. Bees breed and divide off from their parent colony throughout this season in order to build a new hive and seek a new home. Do not want to be neighbours with a new beehive? This article will explain what attracts bees around your home and what to do to keep bees away from your home.

Why are the bees visiting?

Bee populations begin to breed during the swarming season. Due to the colony’s expansion, they spread out to form new colonies. Such bee swarms move together, with their future queen relaxing nearby and scout bees scouring the entire area for a suitable nesting site. 

Bees seeking a new home are drawn to regions that have a honey-like scent. If there have previously existed beehives in your region, or if they have not been removed completely. Those dead hives might serve as a signal for other bees. Likewise, if your house is in its ideal environment or has a rich supply of food nearby, their wits will be directed into your neighbourhood.

How to Keep Bees Out of Your Home?

Now that you know what attracts bees around your home, you should be able to answer the question, “How to keep bees out of your house?” Aside from inspecting your house, ceiling, and siding for flaws that can be patched, here are some more preventative measures you could take to keep bees out of your property.

  1. Plants and flowers that attract bees should be avoided.

You do not have to remove those wonderful flowers totally, but planting them near places where they could consider creating a colony makes it more appealing to a swarm. Bees are drawn to flowers such as poppies, clovers, honeysuckles, and herbs such as thyme and oregano. They adore plants with bright colours. So, if they’re in a pot, keep them out of the path when you’re visiting the outdoors.

  1. Prevent nesting in the yard

Even if it isn’t in your house, a few of your favourite outdoor activities can be providing ideal conditions for bees to enter. A barn or large outdoor grill might be an ideal location for a beehive, so make sure to wrap your grills and thoroughly seal any tree homes and sheds. Keeping only a few outdoor objects will help in understanding how to keep bees off.

  1. You should avoid Wasps

Wasps are not bees; yet, they are commonly mistaken for them. Wasps prefer eating people’s food. Hence, if you see any black and yellow hovering near your garbage or outside party, it’s probably wasps. Seal meals and dispose of rubbish in a closed bag as quickly as possible to avoid wasps.

  1. Do not leave any sugary thing out in the open

Make sure you are not giving bees a source of food. Do not keep any fruits or anything sweet outdoors. If bees will have access to food they will slowly start getting attracted to your property. Eventually, they will start forming hives. Moreover, sweets can also attract all other sorts of pests. So, avoid keeping sweets food products outside.

  1. Natural cures

There are several natural repellents available to assist you in your bee-avoiding efforts. Here’s how to get rid of bees without using toxic sprays:

  • Plants of peppermint.
  • Peeled cucumber
  • Marigolds in a pot.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Organic baby powder
  • Garlic, crushed
  • On your skin, use a mixture of vanilla and baby oil.

Is Killing Bee the Top Form of Bee Pest Control?

Finding the right insect repellant to kill a bee might appear to be the simplest way to avoid their stings. However, because of Colony Collapse Disorder, a problem that is wreaking havoc on the farming business, you may want to reconsider killing all bees.

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